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God's gift of love to the world surpasses understanding

FEATURE: God's gift of love surpasses understanding
The word "love" is referenced in the New Testament more times than any other characteristic or quality. Why? Because love is unequivocally the most important attribute of the Christian. It might surprise a lot of people these days to know that God considers love more vital even than faith itself. The Bible says: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love..." (1 Corinthians 13:13). So, although love is far from the only quality we must incorporate into our lives, it is the greatest of all attributes we must...
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The Christian faith is surprisingly easy to logically defend
as the only possible true religion

Defending Christianity
Many in our modern world might be surprised to know that the following facts can be logically verified:
(1) God exists.
(2) God created us (not "random acts of nature" as evolution ludicrously suggests).
(3) The Bible is God's message to this world (provable by examining Bible prophecies)...
(4) And...well-translated Bibles are accurate (meaning, we can trust the Bible's message).
But I don't want to simply make bold statements...I'd like to clearly and logically prove each point above as this series unfolds. In the meantime, however...

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Do true Christians merely grope through life with blind faith?

Are Christians guided by 'blind faith?'
Are Christians asked to walk down the path of life with little more than "blind faith?" Are we required to simply have a baseless trust in God, Jesus, and the Bible? And—does the path we take in life matter little to God, so long as we continue to blindly stumble forward with our sincere convictions? A lot of people outside the Christian world certainly think so—and even many secular Christians believe Christianity is based entirely on feelings rather than facts. For such people, "blind trust" becomes their religious philosophy—as they grope through...

Suggestions of Biblical "errors" are common these days

"Errors" of the Bible:
3 Common misconceptions
The Bible is far and away the best seller on earth—every year. Tens of millions are printed annually, and billions of them populate the planet—enough for every man, woman, child, and even a few domesticated animals. Why is the Bible so popular? Because the Bible contains the will of God, our Creator. And—this is a logical conclusion—one derived from facts. (True faith is founded upon and extends from established facts.) No other...
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Practically all churches of the Bible were "home churches"

How to start a Biblically-correct home church
Many churches these days who call themselves Christian have taken a major detour away from the Bible. Some are heavily entrenched in traditions that are in conflict with Biblical teachings. Like the Pharisees (Matthew 15), they hold their traditions to be more important than God's words, making it impossible for Christians in these churches to properly worship God. Even so-called "Bible-based" churches look for preachers who conform...
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Possessing spiritual minds is crucial to our salvation

#3: Unspiritual minds
Would you describe yourself as having a mind that dwells on the things of the spirit predominantly? Or, are you a "religious person" who is not particularly spiritual? Did you know that, according to Romans 8, Christians (yes, Christians) who have unspiritual minds are not considered by God to be His children? That certainly puts a premium on the spiritual mind, doesn't it?
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Jesus described false prophets as men who would appear as sheep, but inwardly were ferocious wolves.

FEATURE: Is your favorite preacher a false prophet?
One of the most amazing facts of religious life is that although masses of humanity are following spiritual leaders, few people seem to believe that False Prophets actually exist. Today, billions of people worship God in one manner or another. Never have there been more religious people on the face of the earth, never more worshipers of God—and never more False Prophets and their followers. Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John all repeatedly warned such men would rise up—even among Christian...
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Is Christianity mutually exclusive of all other religions?

MYTHBUSTER: Is Christianity the only true religion?
Many people in our world today are truly convinced that the religious path we take in life matters little to God—so long as our convictions are sincere. Indeed, even sincerity of conviction isn't terribly important, as long as one is a "good person" (by one's own definition of "goodness")—or so they believe. In fact, it's said that Elvis Presley—who was predominantly "Christian"—reportedly endorsed many other religions as well. His religious philosophy was apparently to convert to various religions "just in case" Christianity wasn't...

The Israelites went through hard times in the desert—but didn't respond well to the testing

FEATURE: What to do when hard times come upon you
Times are getting financially difficult for a lot of people these days, including Christians. Because of this, sometimes we may find ourselves developing the attitude of the Israelites, who had to do without many conveniences during their trek through the desert from Egypt. Perhaps we may feel—as did they—that we've been serving God, yet we're still experiencing hardships. We might feel God no longer loves us, and is turning His ear from our prayers. We might think to ourselves: "I'm truly striving to please God in every way; why then is God bringing all this on me and my family?"
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Disciplining your children properly takes a lot of work and care

Disciplining children
This audio investigates the Bible's instructions on disciplining children. Discipline involves both teaching and training, and as we can see from Deuteronomy 6:6-7, it is essential that parents heavily emphasize spiritual instruction: "These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up."

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Becoming a new Christian has special challenges

CHRISTIAN LIVING: What to do after becoming a Christian
You'll never make a more important decision in your life than the decision to devote your life to Jesus Christ. The rewards for doing so are certainly tremendous and everlasting. Clearly, our most valuable assets are our souls—and if our souls aren't secure, all else is for naught. At any moment our lives can end, so we must always be prepared. Salvation must be "priority one" in our lives. But while the rewards are incomparable for salvation...
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Piltdown chicken is just one of many bloopers of evolutionary scientists. The photograph above is not Piltdown chicken.

Numerous bloopers fail to teach scientists "lessons"
A wise man once said: "Don't assume anything—especially that experts know everything." Of course, scientists are people, and people make mistakes. But the problem comes when they forget just how mistake-prone they've been, when they fail to remember just how little they really know, and when they promote themselves as infallible experts. This unfortunate and all-too-common attitude has resulted in some humorous, and deadly, blunders. Here are just a few of many possible examples...
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Please click on the picture above to see this video clip

FEATURE: Having a steadfast, immovable faith in Christ
The bank you see pictured in this video is about 15 seconds from annihilation, as the foreboding clouds of an F5 tornado (the edge of which can be seen moving in from the left) mercilessly descend upon its hopeless victim. Although the full fury of the F5 hasn't hit, the bank is already being dismantled—as a wall assembly can be seen above the structure being sucked into the tornado's under-belly. Surely this video clip vividly provides...

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