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Active public and private worship are crucial to our spiritual development

WORSHIP: Private worship: Prayer, reading, meditation
As you likely know, worship to God and Christ has all but disappeared from the regular lives of many secular Christians these days. Such people may not realize the strength, edification, and joy that comes from proper Biblical worship—or that regular worship (both public and private worship) is actually commanded by our God. To say that "Worship is an important part of our service to God" is an understatement; it is incredibly vital to our lives...

These microscopic creatures further expose the utter impossibility of Chemical Evolution

PART 2: Scientific odds you 'evolved' by chance? Zero
To "prove" their Chemical Evolution theory, one of the first deceptions of evolutionists appears to be the suggestion that the simplest organisms on earth (bacteria) are simple organisms. This deception is an easy one to sell, since many either don't care—or don't care enough—to investigate evolution's far-fetched claims. But as we began to reveal in part 1 of this series, bacteria are enormously complex, far beyond the capacity of random mathematical chance.
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The "70 AD doctrine": False teaching in our own ranks

PART 1: 7 Fatal flaws of the 70AD theory
Why should you know about the "70 AD doctrine?" Because it may very well represent the most serious digression from obvious truth that has emerged among our churches in recent years. I never thought I'd live to see the day I'd be trying to convince a respected preacher among us that Christ hasn't yet returned to earth, that the judgment day hasn't already happened, that we haven't been resurrected yet, and the like. But please don't take proponents of this position for fools...
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The "70 AD doctrine": False teaching in our own ranks

CONCLUSION: 7 Fatal flaws of the 70AD theory
In this final part of our series, I'll plan to notice only 7 of a potentially long list of fatal quandaries of the 70 AD view. One of the most serious digressions of this theory is the suggestion the resurrection has already occurred. Jesus said: "Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out—those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned." (John 5:28-29) Six other fatal flaws are discussed as well...
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Understanding the difference between "literal" and "figurative" is crucial to proper understanding

BIBLE INTERPRETATION: Understanding "literal" and "figurative"
This may be the most popular technique used by men who don't want to accept what the Bible teaches. If a Bible verse isn't suggesting quite what they wish it would, they simply turn it into a figurative meaning. Fortunately, when someone resorts to this dishonest technique of modifying the Bible, it's usually not difficult to recognize. That's because God typically, if not always, makes it obvious when He's using symbols.
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Not compromising with error, and more, is discussed in the conclusion to this series

BACK TO BASICS: Not compromising with error
As incredible as it sounds, believers can sometimes find themselves defending the need to defend truth. While most matters of life are "compromisable" and we should certainly seek to live at peace with everyone, truth can never be compromised. Truth is a foundational principle of God's will—it will indeed "set you free." And just as Christ adhered strictly to truth, so must His people. Doing so often puts us at odds with others. Here's the conclusion to "10 Tips for Getting your Christian Life Back on Track."

How can you tell when a person's a 'false teacher?'

PART 1: 'False teaching'—How to Biblically define it
APRIL 8, 2009
Every Christian—without question—should have a clear understanding of what "false teaching" is. Why? Because believing it will have eternally disastrous consequences—as the Bible indicates (more on this later). Since this is the case, then every Christian should also clearly understand how to identify a false teacher. Obviously, the false teacher is the one propagating the false doctrine—and is therefore costing people their souls...

How can you tell when a person's a 'false teacher?'

CONCLUSION: 'False teaching'—Biblically defined
APRIL 10, 2009
As mentioned in part 1 of this series, it's crucial that every Christian have a clear understanding of how to identify both "false teaching" and the "false teachers" who propagate spiritually destructive messages. That's because failure to do so will have eternally disastrous consequences. It's also important that we not misidentify someone who isn't a false teacher, and that we know exactly how God wants us to proceed with those who actually are false teachers. This article concludes this series.
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AUDIO: Criticality of spiritual knowledge of God's will

AUDIO FEATURE: Destroyed by a lack of knowledge
This audio presentation compares the destruction of physical Israel (God's people) with the decline of modern spiritual Israel due to a lack of proper knowledge of God's will.

Criticality of Knowledge
Thanksgiving Meeting, Kennewick WA
November 2008
Rick Cutter

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Are modern denominations and churches predominantly filled with true worshipers—or false?

WORSHIP: Are modern denominations filled with 'false worshipers?'
Are modern churches filled with false worshipers—per Jesus' own definition? The verses examined in this article might give you a new perspective on that, because Jesus clearly defined what a "true worshiper" is—thereby also defining a "false worshiper." And the definition He gave doesn't bode well for the vast majority of "Christendom." Please click here for Part 1 of this series.

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