Could modern scientists—who call these organisms "simple"—create one of them from scratch?

PART 1: Scientific odds you evolved by chance? Zero
APRIL 1, 2009
It's been said that it isn't what you don't know that gets you into trouble—it's what you do know that isn't so. And that brings us to the topic of so-called "Chemical Evolution." A surprising number of experts these days—including educators, the media, and even NASA—absolutely "know" Chemical Evolution is a fact. That's why they're spending billions looking for aliens. Exactly how they "know" this we're not quite sure—and nor, scientifically, are they—but it doesn't keep them from airing false...

Aim for perfection—2 Corinthians 13:11

FEATURE: Are you 'aiming for perfection'—or the status quo?
MARCH 30, 2009
The Bible says: "Aim for perfection...and the God of love and peace will be with you."
(2 Corinthians 13:11)
In Matthew 5:48 Jesus said: "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect."
But modern Christian thinking—as you may have noticed— is quite the opposite. It goes something like this: "I never will be perfect. Therefore, I see no need to 'aim for perfection' whatsoever. Simply..."

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If modernists re-wrote the Bible, how big would it be—and what would it say?

PART 1: If modernists re-wrote the Bible, what would it say?
MARCH 25, 2009
If modernists rewrote the Bible, what would it say? How big would it be? How many pages would exist in the modern Christian's "new revised version" of the Bible? Truth is, the real Bible on our coffee tables is apparently far larger than it needs to be. Indeed, the entirety of the New Testament—according to many modern Christians—should apparently be summarized into less than a page. In fact, perhaps down to a single sentence.
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If modernists re-wrote the Bible, how big would it be—and what would it say?

CONCLUSION: If modernists re-wrote the Bible, what would it say?
MARCH 27, 2009
If modernists rewrote the Bible, what would it say, and how big would it be? As mentioned in part 1 of this series, some "modern renditions" have—for all intents and purposes—been reduced to a single, short sentence that reads: "Be a good person." As you can see, no need to even be religious in this "bible." Also mentioned previously was that denominational Christians often use a "bible" that has essentially whittled the original "10...
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Choosing the right church is not nearly as complicated as it might seem

CONCLUSION: How to choose the right church—Tips 2 & 3
MARCH 23, 2009
If you've ever thumbed through the church section of your local yellow pages, you've probably noticed what I have: a befuddling selection of seemingly endless choices. Practically every flavor of "Christianity" imaginable is available to you. From motorcycle churches to homosexual ministers and everything inbetween beckon the modern church-seeker. This wide selection of "customer-oriented" congregations gives people the ability to choose just the right fit for their traditional up-bringings, social desires, and comfort zones.
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Getting back to Christian basics is sometimes not a bad idea

PART 2: 10 Tips to get your Christian Life back on track
MARCH 20, 2009
When priorities are out of focus, it's time to get "back to basics." One important basic is: "Make sure your worship experiences are meaningful." When we attend worship, it's important to have our minds focused, and that we are "into the worship"—in spite of occasional distractions of children or those around us. It's also important that our families are maintaining an atmosphere where others can worship without distraction, especially if we have young, untrained children. The Bible is clear...
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Your mind is like a glass of water; when it's jolted, what's within will come out

FEATURE: You can't hide a spiritual mind
MARCH 18, 2009
If you fill a glass of water to the top—as full as you can get it—and carry it across the room, what's likely to happen? Chances are, even if you're careful, some of it will spill over the edge. Our minds are the same way. We've filled our minds with something, and it's impossible to keep every ounce of it within. Jesus said: "...out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. The good man brings forth from his good treasure what is good—but the evil man brings forth from his evil treasure what is evil. But I..."

Paul was shipwrecked 3 times in service to Christ; this video shows how easily that can happen

FEATURE: A shaming glimpse at Paul's service to Christ
MARCH 16, 2009
The apostle Paul was shipwrecked three times—along with many other dangers he experienced. And after viewing the video to the left, it's not hard to imagine how that could have happened. While modern denominational preachers sport six or seven figure salaries, multiple mansions, Mercedes-Benz's, Ritz-Carlton hotel reservations, and sermons insisting "God wants us all to be rich"...And while even preachers among us demand professional level salaries before they will commit to church work...
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Mutual encouragement is a vital aspect of the Christian faith

PART 2: 5 Reasons we should actively encourage
MARCH 13, 2009
As mentioned in part 1 of this series, it's God's will that we be active encouragers. Mutual Christian encouragement is a huge part of our corporate responsibilities as Christians—and vital to the church beyond words. The Bible instructs us to "encourage one another daily..." (Hebrews 13:3). In so doing, we build others up and strengthen their faith—just as happens with us when we are the recipients. Just one sincerely spoken, kind moment of encouragement can make a huge difference. It can lift an otherwise discouraging day...
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Modern churches have left the 'Ancient Paths'

FEATURE: Challenge to modern churches: Return to the 'Ancient Paths'
Many Christians who comprise modern churches are convinced we are among the few who are "walking in the ancient paths." But are we really? We claim to be "Bible believing"—but are we "Bible practicing?" Can we honestly claim to be "Bible-practicing" Christians when so many areas of fundamental neglect persist, when clearly a divergence has occurred from the practices of faithfully-functioning Biblical churches (such as those in Acts)?

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