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Is Christianity mutually exclusive of all other religions?

MYTHBUSTER: Is Christianity the only true religion?
Many people in our world today are truly convinced that the religious path we take in life matters little to God—so long as our convictions are sincere. Indeed, even sincerity of conviction isn't terribly important, as long as one is a "good person" (by one's own definition of "goodness")—or so they believe. In fact, it's said that Elvis Presley—who was predominantly "Christian"—reportedly endorsed many other religions as well. His religious philosophy was apparently to convert to various religions "just in case" Christianity wasn't...

Could modern scientists—who call these organisms "simple"—create one of them from scratch?

FEATURE: What are th scientific odds you evolved by chance?
APRIL 1, 2009
It's been said that it isn't what you don't know that gets you into trouble—it's what you do know that isn't so. And that brings us to the topic of so-called "Chemical Evolution." A surprising number of experts these days—including educators, the media, and even NASA—absolutely "know" Chemical Evolution is a fact. That's why they're spending billions looking for aliens. Exactly how they "know" this we're not quite sure—and nor, scientifically, are they—but it doesn't keep them from airing false...

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