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Jerusalem, and its Temple, in 3-dimension
This amazing video depicts the city of Jerusalem, and it's temple, in 3 dimension. Very much worth viewing.—Uniting Bible believing Christians worldwide
Replica of Noah's ark
The fate of the future world physically depended on the reliability and size of "Noah's ark." Have you ever wondered how big the ark was—or needed to be—in order to house its precious cargo? The video to the left should give you a pretty good idea. It shows a "replica" of Noah's ark. Please note, they believe the actual ark was twice as long and three times wider.—Uniting Bible believing Christians worldwide
Replica of Noah's ark—Amateur video
This amateur video shows a "replica" of Noah's ark, although the actual dimensions are debatable by scholars (some suggest it was larger than this "replica"). Regardless, I hope you will pay attention to the internal pan from the floor to the ceiling, to get an idea of the massive amount of vertical space.


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