How evolutionists attempt to "explain away" Borel's Law
Since Borel's Law is so utterly destructive to Chemical evolution, a word or two should be said about the "counter-logic" evolutionists have attempted to use to combat it.

They've been known to attempt the following "explanation":

"Yes, Borel's Law suggests living beings could not possibly have created themselves accidentally, since such would far exceed the total number of chemical events in trillions of universes like ours. However, if you took a pile of sand and tried to reason the probabilities on how it could have ended up in exactly the order each grain ended up in, it would, on paper, seem impossible too per Borel's Law.

"Thus, the 'impossible' seems to be happening all around us; therefore the 'impossible' could happen with evolution, too."

The problem with this "logic" is that a random pile of unorganized sand is exactly what you'd expect mindless nothingness to produce.

Its disorderly mass of sand granules is exactly what the second law of Thermodynamics indicated: everything tends to disorder in our universe when left to itself (see How the 'Law of Disorder' disproves evolution).

However, the enormous complexity of the human body is on the opposite extreme: full of order and complex organization that dwarfs the human mind's ability to comprehend.

Thus, the first example (sand) is an example of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (the "Law of Disorder").

The second example (the human body) is an example of a Superintelligent Creator's involvement (since, as a highly complex and organized body, it far exceeds the possibilities of having been randomly created by nature).

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