5 REASONS CHEMICAL EVOLUTION IS FALSE: #3: A cell must be 'totally complete' to survive

As the video above plainly reveals, even the "simplest" functioning parts of the simplest organisms of earth are extremely complex—beyond the complexity of the most sophisticated human inventions.

But this is just the beginning of several logical hurdles the speculation-based theory of Chemical Evolution fails to clear.

Added to the cell's marvels is also this insurmountable obstacle: all the cell's components must mutually exist for the organism to live (so-called "Irreducible Complexity"—NOTE: This topic is discussed only toward the end of the above video, but I highly recommend viewing the entire video).

In other words, the component parts of a cell cannot simply be created independently and then stuck together at some future time of nature's convenience, as Chemical Evolution Experts suggest.

Instead, all parts of the cell are simultaneously essential and mutually dependent for organism survival.

Further complicating the situation is the fact that all parts must be formed simultaneously, much like the prenatal development of a child—whose bodily organs must develop as a mutually dependent unit if the child is to survive at birth.

Said another way: If your heart fails, you can be supported by life support systems until receiving a new heart. But separated from your heart—or life support—even for moments, and the irreversible process of death and decay commence.

Your body is "Irreducibly Complex."

Irreducible Complexity clearly presents for evolutionists a confounding, inexplicable crisis; for not only must they scientifically describe how a cell could Spontaneously Generate (an impossible task in itself)—they must also clarify how the little organism could "keep itself on life support" while waiting on each of its complex organelles to somehow accidentally self-create.

Thus, the over-simplified modern theories of Chemical Evolution are plainly overlooking in Irreducible Complexity perhaps the most essential and elementary phenomenon of existence.

5 Reasons Chemical Evolution is False:
REASON #1—That "simple little organism" isn't so simple after all
REASON #2—Nature can't produce complex organic molecules
REASON #3—'Irreducible complexity' insurmountable problem
REASON #4—Thermodynamics is a deathblow to evolution
REASON #5—Chemical Evolution is mathematically and physically impossible

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