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"The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them... For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities... have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."
Evolutionists ecstatic over methane gas discovery on Mars—Uniting Bible believing Christians worldwide
JANUARY 16, 2009
Another Mars discovery has the evolutionary community, hungry for any evidence to support their beleaguered theory, once again buzzing with hopeful expectation.

And what's all the excitement about this time?

The discovery of methane gas on Mars (see NASA's video on the discovery).

This discovery was so thrilling to some that the UK's Sun exclaimed NASA had actually located Martian life (link to Sun article).

But what, you might be rightfully asking yourself, does "methane gas on Mars" have to do with proving there's life on Mars?

The short answer is: nothing.

And, while we're asking questions, how about this one: Why on earth is NASA spending billions looking for life in the universe in the first place?

What is the scientific basis for these gross over-expenditures? It would be bad enough if there simply was no scientific basis for the forages. But truth is, the actual science all points to the obvious existence of a Supernatural Creator.

It's not just the problem of having "no evidence"—it's "anti-evidence."

And evolutionists, amazingly, still hang the entire hat of their Chemical Evolutionary logic on the utterly meaningless 1950's experiments of Stanley Miller and Harold Urey.

What Miller and Urey were unsuccessfully trying to accomplish

For the benefit of our younger readers: Miller and Urey were scientists who in the 1950's set about to prove life could have accidentally formed itself from random processes right from nature itself.

They felt that from the various chemicals in the "primordial oceanic soup" of earth a fully functional, immensely complex organism could have formed—complete with the capacity to move, feed itself, reproduce, excrete waste, "breathe," drink, and adapt to its environment (so as to "evolve").

This was to be called Chemical Evolution.

And from that tiny "mother-of-us-all" organism (a bacterium) evolved every single organism on the planet today: from ant to alligator, rat to rhino, and dinosaur to duck.

Every creature on earth—or so we're told—owes thanks to that first little creature: including fish, worms, frogs, rats, snakes, monkeys—and, last, but not least, even you.

What their experiments concluded

To prove Chemical Evolution was possible, Miller and Urey combined the gases they believed were present on primitive earth (hydrogen, methane, ammonia, and water vapor) with liquid water in a sterile glass container.

Next, they blasted the gases with electrical sparks to simulate lightning on primitive earth.

Then they let the potion churn for the better part of a week.

When the week was over, Miller & Urey noticed their glass container now contained a murky substance later confirmed to include amino acids (simple compounds which are the building blocks of proteins).

Although Miller and Urey proved nothing more than what astute Chemists already realized (i.e., if you stick a bunch of chemicals in a flask and subject 'em to heat, some of 'em will obviously clump together), the fact they'd gotten simple amino acids out of the potion was circumstantial evidence enough.

"With careful examination and interpretation of many indirect clues" Miller and Urey determined that since all organisms are composed largely (though not completely) of proteins, and proteins are composed of amino acids, and simple amino acids can be spontaneously created in nature—then "perhaps it is possible" amino acids could eventually clump up with other amino acids to form proteins, which themselves could eventually clump with other proteins to mold living organisms.

In the words of their own Experts, it was plainly a great deal of "interpretation" of a great many "indirect clues."

Indeed, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey, by their own admission, had not the least inkling of how complex "simple organisms" really were, a fact to which Miller drearily admitted 40 years later when the eye-glazing complexity of these creatures would become more apparent.

And modern Experts have taken Spontaneous Generation even further, proving that chemicals will not only clump up, but will clump in all sorts of ways, so as to not merely form simple amino acids, but also simple nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA).

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