How to email an article

Emailing a link to an article is easy. Here are the steps:
  1. Go back to the article you want to email.

  2. Copy the link at the top of your web browser. This can be done by pressing [alt][d] to highlight it and [ctrl][c] to copy it. Or, you can simply move your cursor to the top and highlight the address (it generally looks something like: "").
    Then, you can [ctrl][c] to copy it.

  3. Start writing your email to your friend. Go to your email program and proceed as though you were emailing your friend normally.

  4. Paste the link to the article into your message. In the body of your email message, after typing an introductory note, type
    [ctrl][v] to paste the article's link into the body of your message.

  5. Send your email as you normally do. Your friend should be able to click on the link you emailed him/her and read the article.
If all else fails...

Simply refer them to, where they can search for the article in the article archives (please see links at the top of the page).

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